Fit for purpose

Today’s economy and our place in it

The Romanian, as well as the European and Global economies, undergo a new cycle of significant structural changes as a consequence of the financial crisis started in 2008. We are witnessing bankruptcies but we can also see examples of companies which go through successful restructuring and improve their market position.

It is a difficult market, which however offers numerous opportunities as well - important volumes of assets are up for sale and they will be, yet again, traded for maximizing their economic use.

Nevertheless, these opportunities are not yet fully available to investors because of scarce financing resources, which are crucial in transactions, restructuring or development of existing businesses or assets.

We are positioning ourselves at the crossroads of these issues which are essential for future development and, with our professionalism and expertise, are ready to address the challenges faced by companies going up the development curve, as well as by shareholders, management and creditors of those going through financial, strategic and operational difficulties. 

We think we are therefore fit for your purpose in the areas of Transactions, Financing, Restructuring, Insolvency and Management.