If you decide that insolvency is the best way to restructure your business or your client’s business, we can play a major role in achieving your objectives, by taking appointments as judicial administrator.

Our multi-disciplinary team, made of professionals in finance, management, law (insolvency and civil/commercial) and tax, can provide you with the highest quality services at every stage of the process and in all substantial aspects which your business is facing going through insolvency:

  • identification and reporting on root causes of insolvency
  • defining the restructuring strategy
  • defining the strategy for voting the reorganization plan
  • defining the detailed reorganization plan, including financial projections
  • drafting the reorganization plan
  • assistance in implementing the plan
  • legal assistance in case of litigations
  • results monitoring
  • specialized interim management
  • short-term cash flow management

Our main objective as judicial administrators is to act to maximize recovery for the company’s creditors and restructuring the business on a sound, viable basis, bringing on board the full and integrated expertise necessary throughout such a process.

We may also act as advisers – including developing high quality reorganisation plans – for creditors or debtors in insolvency cases where we have not been appointed as judicial administrator/liquidator

Furthermore, we may be appointed as independent experts in order to assess the viability of a reorganisation plan.

And, obviously, if nothing works to save it, we can take the business through a fast bankruptcy process aiming at maximising returns.