Taking on market opportunities most often means entering in different kinds of transactions. If you are going to buy or sell a business, purchase sizable and/or complex, specialized physical assets and/or if you are looking for financing/re-financing - to support such transactions, to organically grow your business through further investments or simply to run your day-to-day activities, we are here to assist you in every step of the process. [More]


If your envisaged transaction needs financing we can assist you in identifying the appropriate sources, supporting you to build and present your case to the financier, negotiate alongside you, or on your behalf, and prepare the required documentation before signing the deal. [More]


Many companies today are experiencing serious financial difficulties which would require significant restructuring measures. If issues are identified and recognized early enough and provided that shareholders, creditors and management are aligned behind a restructuring strategy, the company may go through an out-of-court restructuring process. Such an approach is beneficial to all parties involved as results are maximized and timely achieved via a quick and effective reaction for resolving the root causes. [More]


If you decide that insolvency is the best way to restructure your business or your client’s business, we can play a major role in achieving your objectives, by taking appointments as judicial administrator. [More]


The financial crisis has revealed, more than ever before, how important the management skills are for a company and its shareholders. In most cases, the quality of the management teams made the difference between survival, growth and collapse. [More]